Khowarib Lodge

Explore and discover the real Namibia on an exclusive adventure safari with some of the country's most experienced guides.

With Kunene Tours and Safaris, you will go to the most remote and spectacular regions of Namibia. You will travel in specially adapted 4x4 vehicles far from roads, fences and people, but luxury will always be at hand.

Namibia is a land of stark beauty, fascinating detail and ancient landscapes. It is a dramatic and compelling world waiting to be discovered. With over 15 years experience, you can be assured that Kunene will deliver true adventure in comfort.

You can choose either a custom safari to cater for your particular requirements or pick from a menu of our standard shorter tours in the remote north west of Damaraland and Kaokoland. We have chosen these routes as they provide an opportunity to experience the majesty and interest of the area in a short space of time. These operate from a base at our sister company, Khowarib Lodge & Safaris, set in the dramatic surroundings of Khowarib Gorge.

To help you plan your trip, we have included some suggestions of what to take with you and an overview of the climate in Namibia.

We look forward to making your trip to Namibia a true adventure.


  • Choose lodging &/or Camping
  • Expert guides
  • Camp assistant(s)
  • Specially adapted 4x4's
  • Self drive option
  • Each tour exclusive to your party